Welcome to SPECIAL RACK’s innovation in oversized Cargo Container Transportation.

We have invented a new type of flat rack container, SPECIAL RACK, that is height adjustable for carrying over dimension cargo. SPECIAL RACK is the most height adjustable container and is also adjustable in the width. The corner posts of SPECIAL RACK can be made higher than its load by more than 14 feet / 4,30 meter.  SPECIAL RACK can still be handled as a standard 40 ft. container and therefore does not require any extra loading time or handling costs. By using SPECIAL RACK, the cargo does not need to be handled from country of origin to final destination and results in more risk free transportation. The end walls of SPECIAL RACK can be removed by a small forklift truck to load and unload vehicles and overly wide rolling equipment by driving them on and off. The end walls of SPECIAL RACK can be removed and replaced in a few minutes, reducing loading time. SPECIAL RACK is also collapsible, and when folded, four units stack into 8ft. 6in. / 2,59 meter.   SPECIAL RACK can be stacked and lifted in the erect and folded position with standard 40 ft. ISO container handling equipment. We are also able to provide road transportation for SPECIAL RACK in Europe using a specially designed trailer to meet highway overpass requirements. See Road Transportation.